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It's April and we are so excited to reveal the Frosted Cowgirl of the month!  An amazing cowgirl, influencer, and girl boss, veterinarian, Angie Allum-Smit.


Angie lives in Vale, Oregon where she owns and operates the Vale Vet Clinic.  Angie lives and breathes the Cowgirl lifestyle.  She's a huge asset to her community, ranchers, animal owners and just about everyone she's comes in contact with. 

We sat down and asked Angie a few questions to get to know her better.


1. So Angie, how long have you been a cowgirl?

      I've been a cowgirl FOREVER!!  I don't ever remember being anything else.  Born and raised in the lifestyle.


2. Where did you grow up? 

     I grew up in Burns, Oregon (Harney County).  My parents actually still live in the house I grew up in.  It's definitley where I call home.  I also ventured out and lived in the Caribbean for awhile before returning back to my roots in Oregon.  I now live in Vale with my husband and own the Vale Vet Clinic.

3. What events do you compete in?

    These days I mostly rope, but I always enter a good goat tying (my favorite event).  I have lots of fun entering a team branding and ranch rodeo events as well.  You'll see my "occassionally" lope a good barrel run..(ha ha, I'm slow). 


4. How many events do you enter each year.

    As many as my crazy job will allow.  I'm on call a lot, so usually when I enter a team roping, I get called and have to leave.  I do have a few events that are priorities each year and I don't miss them.


5. What is your horse (s) name?  We always love hearing about them.

   Currently the crew is, Bonk, Pepper and Boots. One old man and two young'uns.  I've been very blessed to always have nice horses to ride thanks to my family and good friends.


6. Why do you love the cowgirl lifestyle?

  I had a woman tell me once that you should act and look like a lady, but work like a man in my profession.  I try hard to do just that.  Cowgirls are a special bunch of women.  To me, a cowgirl means having a huge heart, but not afraid to get dirty.


7. What's your go to fashion look outside the arena?

   Well, most days my fashion sense could use some help.  I NEVER leave home without earrings on (girl after my own heart).  I love vintage jewlery, but like to be comfortable.  Well and of course I LOVE turquoise.


8. What kind of role model do you look up too? 

  I look up to people that are positive about life.  People that try hard to succeed, care deeply for others and enjoy life.


9. How do incorporate the western lifestyle into your daily life?

   I live it everyday!  I am surrounded at work by the western way of life and I'm so blessed to get to work with these amazing people/clients. Cowboys and Cowgirls are an an amazing attribute to America.  They work hard, they play hard and they feed the world. I think it's pretty special to be included in this lifestyle.  I was lucky enough to have parents who raised me in it.


10. What is your motto?

  I think it is up to each of us to decide when we wake up in the morning exactly how our day is going to go.  If you decide to be positive, life becomes a much better journey than if your negative, mad or frustrated all the time.  This isn't always easy to do when you've had a rough day, but always remember a postive attitude and smile go a long way to make the world a better place.


There you have it!  April's "Frosted Cowgirl of the Month"!  Angie has joined the ranks!  She will recieve a shirt from our Competition Cowgirl line, a gift certificate and added to our drawing for a 40X American Hat.


Cheers to all you Cowgirls!

xoxo~ Rikki 

April 03, 2017 — Rikki Ruiz

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