August-- Frosted Cowgirl of the Month!

 Hello, August!  Did the Summer get away from us or what?!   We've gone from one event to the next. Lots of fun has been happening, lots of memories have been made (my laundry room proves this).  I'm sure, you've all had that Summertime hustle and bustle.  It's the rodeo lights, running in the heat, and staying up late.  It's all night drives and the friends you make along the way.  I always get a little sad when Summer comes to an end and it's  fun and busy schedule.  


Just as the fast paced Summer, we have picked a fast-paced cowgirl to win our August Cowgirl of the Month!  Meet Cassie Pierce from Sandy, OR.  Cassie is a fun-loving barrel racer who spends lots of her time at jackpots throughout the Northwest!  We are excited to feature her as our August Frosted Cowgirl of the Month.  Take a look at the interview we did with Cassie to learn all about this Cowgirl!


  1. How long have you been a cowgirl?                                                                           For over 15years now! Ever since we bought our wild mustang at the BLM auction


  1. Where did you grow up? Live? Age?

I grew up in Oregon my whole life!  Right at the base of Mt. Hood, In a small town called Sandy, Or. I now live further up the mountain in Brightwood, about ten minutes from my parents' ranch!


  1. What events do you compete in?

 I mainly barrel race in brn4d, off and on NPRA, OBRA, and others. I also compete in some gaming organizations just for fun like the western horseman of Oregon!


  1. How many rodeos do you enter (approx.) every year?

 About five rodeos every other year, and countless jackpots throughout the year! From cold winter benches to heat waves in a dry field!!


  1. What is your horse (s) name?

 Phoebes Hot Salsa 



  1. Why do you love the CowgirlLifestyle?

 Every weekend I get together with my friend.  We always have fun and like to prove who's the fastest! We sit around and talk, and travel long distances and build relationships.  We all have a goal to be number one, and I like that personal motivation.  It's a true cowgirl lifestyle! Traveling, friends, great althelets, and good times!


  1. What’s your go-to fashion look outside the arena?

I run a restaurant, so when I take off my boots, and jeans I put on slacks and a dress top. I love being able to be a tomboy and a girlie girl!


  1. What kind of role model do you look up too?

My role models are women that I compete against like Rosanne Strobel, Joy Note or Carolyn Jenison from Oregon.  These type of ladies, who put on shows, run their cows, and train their horse themselves. These women are in their fifties, and sixties and still make me work to beat'em! That's what I aspire to be like! They are such cool ladies.


  1. What are your future goals for competing?

I have started breeding my mare, and I am more then excited to see where her fillys and Colts bring me! Starting a whole new group of runners! Going to take through the brn4d program and WPRA! Hopefully get another salsa-like horse out running in it!


  1. What is your motto?

Always Hustle Hard!


Cassie wins a Frosted Cowgirl Gift Certificate, a shirt from our Competition Cowgirl Line, and will be entered to win a 40X American Felt hat.  

Entries are ongoing.  Submit your applications today.

Long Live Cowgirls


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  • Julie Smith

    Way to go Cassie! Great interview…

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