It Could be YOU!

Let's all take a moment and raise our glass to Annie Oakley and Lucille Mulhall for being a few of the famous cowgirls that paved the way for us all.

My first adventure horseback happened around the age of 6 weeks with my dad, as he held me next to the horn for a picture.  After that, there were a few parade appearances with my cousin, who happened to be Ms. Rodeo Idaho back in the early 80's.  I remember being mesmerized by a closet at my Grandma's that housed all of my cousins cowboy hats.  Every color you could imagine, purple, red, turquoise, navy, white, etc.  It was magical.  

Deep down I think my love for cowgirl fashion started at that moment, but I didn't quite realize that until much later in life.

I learned and developed horsemanship through my years in the 4-H program. As my riding skills developed, I then aimed for a much faster thrill.  My rodeo career began around the age of 11 or 12 as I competed in junior and onto high school rodeo's.


I haven't competed in a rodeo since I was 15 weeks pregnant with my first baby.  She turns 6 in a week!  Yikes!   I'll compete again soon.  It's a big passion of mine and now that my girls are getting bigger they can ride along with me.  When you are raised a cowgirl, it's just something that never leaves  you.  You'll always be one, it's in your blood.  

When I started this boutique adventure nearly 7 years ago, cowgirl fashion was my passion, and still is today.  I've always wanted to reach out and honor those cowgirls who are hard working, determined and driven.  I'm so excited to launch our "Cowgirl of the month".  It's been a goal for quite some time.   Each month we will feature a cowgirl, who has big cowgirl dreams.  Our team will go through entry's and pick one cowgirl to feature in the middle of each month.  Submissions will be ongoing, so it's not to late to get entered!  Click here for the entry form  

Featured monthly cowgirls, will get a prize package from the boutique, gift certificate and their name will go into a drawing for an American 40X felt hat.  

We truly believe in the western way of life.  We believe in the cowgirl motto.  Let's celebrate  you!  

Get your boots dusted off, You could be our Featured Cowgirl!

Keep living the dream,

Your Friend~  Rikki 

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