May "Frosted Cowgirl of the Month"

It's the beautiful month of May!  Here we go, rodeo season will officially kick off.  Whose excited?  The Frosted Cowgirls team is looking forward to all the fun!

May also brings us our 3rd "Frosted Cowgirl of the Month"!  We are so excited to reveal this months cowgirl!


May's Cowgirl is Tenisha Hoptowit!  A fun loving, free spirit, beautiful Cowgirl who now resides in Eden, ID.  



We sat down with Tenisha to get to know more about her!  Take a look at our interview and be sure to congratulate her!


1. How long have you been a cowgirl

Since before I can even really remember my grandparents had me on a horse or involved with their different ranch activities. It has been a passion of mine to be around rodeo, our family ranch, or even just our pens of horses and cattle working since I was very young.



2.  Where did you grow up? Live? 

I grew up in a smaller farming community just outside Salem, Oregon, where I went through school graduating from Sprague HS, before going on to college in Washington and Idaho. Our family ranch, however, is located in White Swan, Washington, on the Yakama Indian Reservation.

3.  What events do you compete in?

Currently I just compete in barrel racing; but, when I was growing up I literally dabbled in a bit of every event, team roping, breakaway roping, barrels, poles, goat tying, chute dogging, bull riding, and even queen competitions at the youth, high school, professional, and state levels, but I definitely can say I excelled the most in riding bareback horses, which to this day truly is a passion of mine.


4.  How many cowgirl events do you enter (approx.) every year?

With having some new colts this year that need training I have slowed down a bit on how many rodeos or events I enter to run barrels at, and mainly travel with my amazing, caring, loving, supportive PRCA bull rider boyfriend Montana Barlow as he goes down the rodeo trail. But on an average year, I have entered anywhere from 40-80 events depending. I look to get back to that as soon as I have another horse ready then hopefully Montana and I can travel down the road as a team competing in our individual events, always onto the next!


5. What is your horse (s) name?

An Awful Lotta Biankus aka Annie, or our Zans Par Bar mare named Snip.


6.  Why do you love the Cowgirl Lifestyle?

I love the cowgirl lifestyle because for me it is not just a trend or something to do it is literally our way of life. Rodeo, working cows, and running the ranch is and has been my passion as well as my goal in life for as long as I can remember. This lifestyle isn’t something you can just walk into, it takes years and a lifetime of hard work, dedication, and the strive to always want to work toward being better and making things better. Not to mention having a good rock by your side like Montana has been for me is a complete blessing because we strive for the same goals pushing each other to be better, to work harder for the cows, the place we run them on in our small town of Eden Idaho, as well as in rodeo to keep our way of life going strong for us and anyone we come in contact with!


7.   What’s your go-to fashion look outside the arena?

I actually am sort of simple when it comes to fashion in my daily life, I enjoy a nice western casual look, not too flashy. Usually, a classy solid v-neck shirt with a pair of cowgirl tuff jeans, sometimes with a sponsor jacket and colorful flashy wild rag if it is chilly out.


8.   What kind of role model do you look up too?

Role models for me are far and few between because I try to live my life for the day making it the best I can one day at a time. However, if I had to choose I can only narrow it down to two: Sheri Cervi and stingray because of their many accomplishments together that I watched as I was growing up. Also, a woman who actually made my horse tack when I was younger, I have known her for many years, through seeing her around and working with her tack company AKM Originals. The second one would have to be Amber Moore who is from right near my hometown and has made a big splash in the PRCA, barrel racing world. She is now 1 of the top PRCA barrel racers after a lot of hard work and dedication with her horse Paige!


9.    How do you incorporate the western lifestyle into your daily life?

 The western lifestyle is not really incorporated into my daily life because, well… It IS my daily life. As I mentioned before it is more than just a lifestyle to me, and is very cherished near and dear to my heart since I was a very small child.




10.   What is your motto?

Live your life out, have fun, smile big, be bad, do a great deal of good for others, and enjoy every single piece of it because in the end you can't ever go back or change it. It all can be gone at the snap of a finger, so enjoy it while it is here and ride it out! One day at a time never giving up on anything you believe in or want out of it!

 Tenisha wins a Frosted Cowgirls gift basket, gift certificate, a shirt from our Competition Cowgirl line and will be added to our drawing for a 40x Felt hat.

Submissions are on-going, be sure to apply for our next "Cowgirl of the Month"


Long Live Cowgirls~~~  

xoxo Rikki


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