Mexico Vacation Must Haves!

Hola!  Let me start by saying----  HOORAY!  If you are reading this, then you are my kind of people.  We are the kind that don't let a small, very quick, Covid test stop us from making memories!  Cheers---  we should be friends.  xoxo


Last week we took a family/friends trip to Cancun.  This was my first time to Cancun as we typically go to Puerto Vallarta or Cabo, so this was an adventure in itself.  Overall this was my fifth trip to Mexico and I have loved every single one of them.  


We stayed at the Crown Club Paradise in Cancun (which was AMAZING).  I'd give this place a big 5 star recommendation.  From the checkin to the checkout their staff goes above and beyond.  They made our trip so memorable.  

If you are taking kids (this was our first trip with kids) this resort is the ultimate kid friendly experience.  My girls had a blast!  

Other attractions I'd recommend: 

- We spent an entire day at Xcaret.  This was so much fun.  We swam in the underground river, we ate amazing food, swam with sharks, saw sea turtles, snorkeled, saw dolphins, monkeys, flamingos and more.  It was a big day for us.  We honestly could have spent another day there because there is so much to see and do.  

- We took a ferry trip over to Isla Murjeles island and this was an adventure to remember.  We rented golf carts and headed off to explore.  My favorites here were the Zama Bar--- You have to go here.  It's so cool.  Shopping was so much fun there as well.  

To get to Isla we left at the Tortugas port, but on the way back we ended up at a downtown port.  This made a memory that I bet our kids never forget.  We made it back to the city bus after lots of laughs.  


Thoughts about Cancun versus Puerto Vallarta 

-  The water is turquoise (which is my favorite color) therefore it immediately had my heart. 

- The city is more modern (not as authentic)

- It's a better place for the kids for sure.  There is more kid type of attractions.

- We were never hassled once to watch a timeshare video :)

- The resort service was exceptional

Cons of Cancun

- The flight is longer from Idaho.

- It's not as authentic as PV

- The wind is stronger and the ocean is rougher


Okay down to the details---  


Well first off, take a few swimsuits that make you feel like a million bucks... and if the don't make you feel like that, drink more :)

Anything goes in Cancun, so just relax :) Do you girl.  

- Sunscreen ( that sun is HOT)-  I loved the 21 Sun Co. brand.  They are a local Idaho Company--  find them on instagram @21sunco

- Swimsuit coverups (because they are cute to wear all day too)

- Plastic Straws ( I hate cardboard ones and that is what they use all over Mexico)

- Take your own cup-- I love the Simply Made ones.  They serve most drinks in plastic cups and the ice melts fast.

- Wear hats.  I had Cody make me one- and loved the shade and cuteness in it.  

- Don't worry about hair products.  Mine is frizzy there so a pony tail and hat was my regular hairdo.  

- You don't have to get Peso's, you can use Dollars (but we recommend taking a few hundred in 10"s and 5"s.  It's harder to break the bigger bills and you will need the smaller ones for bus rides, tips at the resort and small flea market purchases.  

- I typically pack  a few pairs of shorts and tank tops, a few sundresses, a light jacket, and swimsuits.  Take flip flops, water shoes and cute sandals for dinners out.  


One of the big questions I've gotten... "How safe do you feel"?

In both Cancun and PV I have always felt safe, in fact we decided to take our kids this year because of this.  We never felt scared at all.  The people around are thankful we are there.  They need our money.  They are struggling and have families of their own to feed.  I know those that waited on us and worked at the resort were blessed by us last week.  They are such hard workers who went above and beyond.  I'm glad we could shed a little light on them.  


Go..... travel.....  explore.  





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