On the Road---Boutique on Wheels!~

And we are off!  One of my favorite things about our business is all the places we go!  Our summer is jammed pack full of fun adventures!  With my crew (hubby, Raelee and Claycee) in tow we set out to a variety of rodeos!  Our August-September schedule is filling up fast!  

** August 3rd-6th -Gem County Fair Emmett, ID

**August 18th-20th- Gooding Pro Rodeo, Gooding, ID

** September 12th-17th- Pendleton Round-Up, Pendleton, OR


If you find yourself out at one of these events!  Please stop over and say HI!  People are the reason why we do what we do.  Meeting new friends, seeing old ones  it really makes life more special!  

Each event will have fun show specials! We are excited to see you all!  Let's Rodeo!!


Blessing and hugs~  Rikki



Stay tuned for our next blog-  "What to wear to the County fair"  xoxoxoxo

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