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Rikki's Reflections-  The Hustle of January.


It's a month of uncertainty as a Boutique owner.  You come from a huge 4th quarter, traveling schedules, Holiday's, and all the major hustle and bustle.  You go 90MPH most days and I knew a few days I forgot to eat or drink water.  It's hectic, but so fulfilling.

This year, as I put away our Christmas tree on December 29th, I had a slight panic attack.  The holiday's are over, January is coming.  For Boutique owners, January can be slow, and scary.  


At that moment, I sat down and made a decision.  I was going to be Intentional for 2020.  I was going to focus on improving what we offer, listening to our customers and providing the best customer service we could possibly do.  I decided to write down my big goals for January that day, I headed to the store and started the work.  


So many of my friends would ask, "How's the store doing now that the Holiday's are over" and this year my answer was going to be "AMAZING".  

You see, mindset is the biggest component of success.  If we talk about how amazing it will be, then guess what, it becomes amazing.  If we continue the hustle, continue showing up and giving 100%, then we move forward.  We strive. 


Thanks to you for helping us make our goals and dreams come true, not only in January, but everyday all year long.  

You read our emails, you like our posts, you share our content, and you make us excited to hustle everyday.  



January 20, 2020 — Rikki Ruiz

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