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Spring Cleaning----  Your Mindset

Spring Cleaning---- Your Mindset



Spring Cleaning——  Your Mind and your wardrobe. 

What’s my favorite Spring style?  Just wear mustard. :).

Today’s email isn’t specifically about clothes for Spring but boosting and  brightening your mood, your life, and your outlook.   If we work on being more mindful of positivity we will become more creative overall.  Let’s take today and start Spring cleaning our closet of the old (no longer favorite looks) and the gloomy winter aftermath that may have taken our minds into more darkness then needed. 


Spring is my favorite season.  The days stay lighter longer, it’s warmer but not yet scorching hot.  There is  new animals on the ground, and a nice  freshness of everything.  It’s such an amazing time to brighten your smile, your mindset, and your of course your outfit. 


Here is my Spring To-do List.  I encourage you all to take a stab at it as well.


  1. Pick a color to wear out of your comfort zone
  2. Hang out with friends you haven’t gotten the chance to for awhile
  3. Commit to giving up one bad habit
  4. Get rid of one fear you have
  5. Let go of negative thoughts that have clouded your mind
  6. Be mindful of positivity.  Be optimistic going into each new day
  7. Do one physical activity that you haven’t done for awhile
  8. Treat yourself to a few new eyeshadow or lipgloss colors
  9. Eat one extra vegetable or fruit each day
  10. Buy yourself some fresh flowers (and stop to enjoy them each morning)



Be bright and bold.  Find yourself smiling more this Spring Season and loving yourself a little extra. 


Happy Spring!

Love Rikki 

April 05, 2019 — Rikki Ruiz
Tags: mindset spring