Tribe Strong- Level UP

I sat in the theater with a self-made momma millionaire while watching another self-made momma millionaire on the screen. 

Raise yourself----Tribe Strong

Leveling up,  that’s what I did.  I went to watch the Rachel Hollis documentary with my friend Natalie Hodson (owner of Natalie Hodson Inc.).  In the documentary Rachel states that you  become who you spend the most time with.   We’ve heard research before state “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”.  Who is in this group?  Do they hold you to a higher standard?  Is there someone smarter than you?  Is there someone wealthier than you?  Is there someone more innovative than you?  If there isn’t….you need to find a new group. 


Putting yourself among people that will hold you to a higher standard will help grow your critical thinking skills and elevate your energy and motivation towards your goals.  This is a powerful part of growing, succeeding, and increasing your potential. 


A few years ago, Cody and I decided that we get to pick who we spend our time with.  We have focused on building relationships with large corporation owners, brand builders, and high achiever friends.  I am a firm believer that this has helped us level up. 


The people I text or talk to each day/week are goal getters.  We talk about progress, dreams and how to achieve those things.  We build each other up and we raise our energy toward success. 


My advice is to let go of people who have a negative affect on you.  Let them go.  Don’t let them steal your time, don’t let them decrease your dreams, and don’t let them interfere with your goals. 


You deserve more, and you deserve to be in a tribe of people that will help you get there. 


My other advice——read Rachel Hollis book “Girl Wash your Face” and go follow my friend Natalie Hodson. 


Level yourself up. 


Xoxoxo-  Rikki



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