We gonna party like it's our BIRTHDAY! Turning 7 years old!

On a HOT June, 29th Day in 2010, I bought my Idaho business license, got my sellers permit and spent $3500 of Cody's money (he loaned me some of his money stash to get started).  

I remember grinning ear to ear at how excited I was to start this venture.  I'd been selling Premier Jewelry and now was my time to order what I wanted to sell and be a cool "boutique babe".  I was kinda on top of my world. 

On that same day, June 29th, 2010, I took a pregnancy test (just to rule it out) because the darn monthly visit hadn't happened and I was late.  It was positive, followed by three other positive tests (yes I went and bought more).  I was in tears, I wasn't married (we'd been dating for 7 years), but still I was in shock.  We took the news pretty hard (so silly to think back on that now, because Raelee was most definitely the BEST thing that could ever happen to her free-spirited parents). 

I remember saying "Cody should I send all the new merchandise back"?  He said, "No you better figure out how to sale it"  So I did, and seven years later we have grown and we have kept selling and growing.  

I think deep down, God planted the seed to our name, The Frosted Cowgirls.  Most people ask if I named it after my daughters (Raelee and Claycee), which is so fitting, but the name came before they did and so did the business.  Thankfully it worked out :).  

Every year, I am humbled and blessed to get to do what we love.  The people who support us, who travel around and shop with us make this life so amazing!  Thank you for following our adventures and getting yourself "frosted".  

We don't like to miss a party, it's time to celebrate!  

Watch our Facebook pages and Facebook group pages for party info!  It's going to be fun!

Cheers to SEVEN years and much more!

Love~ Your fashionista Frosted Cowgirl


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