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March "Cowgirl of the Month"- Scout Yochum

March "Cowgirl of the Month"- Scout Yochum

It’s time to reveal our first featured “Cowgirl of the Month” Our March Cowgirl is Scout Yochum from Lewiston, Idaho. 

We sat down for an interview with Scout to learn more about her and her cowgirl lifestyle.



       1. How long have you been a cowgirl?

 I have been around horses and competing for as long as I can remember.  I took my first ride when I was 3 days old and entered my first rodeo when I was 3 years old. I have been competing as much as possible ever since, coming up through the Jr. Rodeo, Jr. high rodeo and high school rodeo ranks.  I have entered quite a few amateur rodeos the past 4 years and have also competed in several all-girl competitions.

  1. Where did you grow up?

 I was born and raised in Lewiston, Idaho, and I still live here today. It's a small town, but I love it. I am 17 years old and am a Senior in High School.

  1. What events do you compete in?

  I compete in the breakaway roping, goat tying, team roping, barrel racing and pole bending.  I enjoy roping and tying goats the most! 

  1. How many rodeos do you enter (approx.) every year?

 Hard to say! As many as possible!

  1. What is your horse (s) name?

 I compete on several horses; I use a little palomino mare, who I call "Mare" or "Lil Mama" (very original I know) to goat tie and sometimes rope on. I usually breakaway rope on a brown gelding, we call "Deuce."  Both of these horses run the barrels as well.  I have been borrowing a head horse and really appreciate everyone who has let me borrow horses in the last year. 

  1. Why do you love the Cowgirl Lifestyle?

I love the Cowgirl lifestyle for many reasons. There truly isn't a better way to live in my eyes. I love meeting so many great people throughout my rodeo career, getting to compete with the best of the best, the feeling of accomplishment after hours and hours of hard work paying off, traveling and seeing new country, and most of all the unforgettable memories made along the way. 

  1. What’s your go to fashion look outside the arena?

 Simple but classy! I love to get dolled up as much as the next girl, but I would have to say a pair of bell bottoms, a cute western graphic tee, along with some fringe and turquoise would be my go to!

  1. What kind of role model do you look up too?

I look up to the positive, go-getters who aren't afraid to take risks and be bold. I love the role models who strive to be the best, never too good to learn something new and who are humble yet confident. People I like to follow and look up to are Trevor Brazile and Jackie Crawford. 

  1. What are your future goals for competing?

 I am a senior this year, so I will finish up my high school rodeo career this spring and summer, which will entail competing at the remaining district rodeos, the Idaho State Finals in Pocatello and hopefully the National High School Finals in Gillette, Wyoming in July. I will be attending college next fall in Powell, Wyoming, and will be a member of the Northwest College Rodeo Team so I am Iooking forward to competing in college rodeos as well. This summer I plan to enter amateur rodeos in the breakaway roping and enter some jackpots also. 

  1. What is your motto?

 "Failure defeats losers, but inspires winners." This really speaks to me because I feel like it's really easy to fear failure in the rodeo world, but you have to let it motivate you. I always tell myself to just keep moving forward and keep working hard because I know it'll pay off eventually. I've come to realize that what's meant to happen is in God’s hands and all I need to do is trust Him.


We are so excited to have Scout Yochum join the ranks as a Frosted Cowgirl.  She is doing amazing things in the rodeo arena and will continue to inspire those around her.

Congratulations Scout! 


Scout receives a shirt from our Competition Cowgirl line, a gift basket and gift certificate.  Her name will also go into the drawing for an American 40X felt.


 It's not too late--get your applications submitted.  We will choose a new Cowgirl each month!  Here is the link  www.frostedcowgirls.com

March 01, 2017 — Rikki Ruiz

It Could be YOU!

Let's all take a moment and raise our glass to Annie Oakley and Lucille Mulhall for being a few of the famous cowgirls that paved the way for us all.

My first adventure horseback happened around the age of 6 weeks with my dad, as he held me next to the horn for a picture.  After that, there were a few parade appearances with my cousin, who happened to be Ms. Rodeo Idaho back in the early 80's.  I remember being mesmerized by a closet at my Grandma's that housed all of my cousins cowboy hats.  Every color you could imagine, purple, red, turquoise, navy, white, etc.  It was magical.  

Deep down I think my love for cowgirl fashion started at that moment, but I didn't quite realize that until much later in life.

I learned and developed horsemanship through my years in the 4-H program. As my riding skills developed, I then aimed for a much faster thrill.  My rodeo career began around the age of 11 or 12 as I competed in junior and onto high school rodeo's.


I haven't competed in a rodeo since I was 15 weeks pregnant with my first baby.  She turns 6 in a week!  Yikes!   I'll compete again soon.  It's a big passion of mine and now that my girls are getting bigger they can ride along with me.  When you are raised a cowgirl, it's just something that never leaves  you.  You'll always be one, it's in your blood.  

When I started this boutique adventure nearly 7 years ago, cowgirl fashion was my passion, and still is today.  I've always wanted to reach out and honor those cowgirls who are hard working, determined and driven.  I'm so excited to launch our "Cowgirl of the month".  It's been a goal for quite some time.   Each month we will feature a cowgirl, who has big cowgirl dreams.  Our team will go through entry's and pick one cowgirl to feature in the middle of each month.  Submissions will be ongoing, so it's not to late to get entered!  Click here for the entry form  

Featured monthly cowgirls, will get a prize package from the boutique, gift certificate and their name will go into a drawing for an American 40X felt hat.  

We truly believe in the western way of life.  We believe in the cowgirl motto.  Let's celebrate  you!  

Get your boots dusted off, You could be our Featured Cowgirl!

Keep living the dream,

Your Friend~  Rikki 

February 08, 2017 — Rikki Ruiz
Fun  "Get to know me" Questions!

Fun "Get to know me" Questions!

I think of our customers as my friends and if we are going to be friends, then you should get to know me better.  I love reading fun facts about people so I've added a few of my own for you!

1. Do you have a nickname?

Yes!  Cody (My husband) calls me Muffin.  It's been my nickname since about 2008. Now several of our friends call me that as well.  I know if Cody says "Rikki", he's either grouchy or stressed out about something, so 90% of the time my name is "Muffin".


2. Where did you grow up?

In Pocatello, Idaho.  It's about 4 hours from where we live, so luckily it's an easy commute to go home to see my family.


3. Do you have siblings?

Yes!  One younger brother who lives in Seattle, WA.


4. What activities did you do in High School?

I competed in high school rodeo...all five events (Goat tying, Breakaway roping, barrel racing, pole bending and team roping).  Most of my nights were spent at the practice barn to get ready for rodeo season.  

I was also a very active FFA member.  Holding club offices, district offices and competing in several FFA competitions.


5. Where did you go to college?

I started my college career at the College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls (Associates in Ag Business), then transferred to the University of Idaho  in Moscow!  GO VANDALS!


6. What activities did you do in college?

hmmmm....corner club?  :)  I have always been a "fun haver". Those of us in Moscow frequented $1.50 keg beers at the Corner Club.  Those were the days...I have classed it up a little since then.     I was also active as an Ag Ambassador for our College and a peer advisor and participated in the Collegiate FFA program.


7. What degree's did you get in college?

I earned an Associates Degree at the College of Southern Idaho, a Bachelors degree in Animal Science at the University of Idaho and a Masters degree in Agriculture Education at the University of Idaho.


8. What was your first job after college?

I worked as a Recruitment Coordinator for Blue Mountain Community College in Pendleton, OR.


9. What kind of music do you like?

I'm a country girl.  Miranda is one of my best friends (she doesn't know this yet, but maybe someday :)).  I love 90's classics, 80's country, and little bit of rock n roll.  I'm pretty well-rounded when it comes to the tunes.

10. What is one hobby that you'd love to pursue?

To learn to play guitar.  I've always secretly wanted to learn, I've yet to actually do this.  My daughter just got a guitar for Christmas so I'm currently living through her on this one. :)  


11. What is the biggest project on your to-do list?

Building a successful online boutique and hat business.  I know this is broad, but it's our BIG goal.  We work everyday towards this.


12. Have you traveled outside the country?  Where to?

Yes!  Honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta!  Best Vacation ever!


13. What is your current job?

I work full-time as an Agriculture Extension Educator for the University of Idaho.  I teach small-acreage classes and farm finance classes.

I'm a Mama to two little girls and a full-time boutique boss!  I'm a little bit busy!


14. What is something unique about you?

I always win at the Idaho license plate game...(I know every county in Idaho by heart and have them memorized in alphabetical order).  It  started in the 4th grade and for some reason it's a weird obsession of mine.  I'm a nerd and I must really LOVE Idaho.


15. What is your daily routine?

My day's are so busy!  I workout in the mornings, take Rae to school or both girls to daycare.  Go to work all day then pick girls up and head home to be a Mom/wife.  Later in the evenings I work on scheduling posts, packaging orders, adding inventory on the website, etc. etc.  I work lots of hours, but it's all been worth it!.


16. Do you have any irrational fears?

Fire!  I'm so afraid to start a fire, be next to a fire, etc. I'm starting to overcome this, but it's a slow process.


17. What is one goal you have for the New Year?

Read 20 books and take my girls on a real vacation.

January 24, 2017 — Rikki Ruiz
Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar

Here in Idaho we may be thousands of miles away from the lights of New York City or the western fashion of Texas, New Mexico and the like, but let's go ahead and just end that barrier right now.  We know we live in "God's Country"...right?  Let's kick our fashion frenzy into high gear.

We are ready!  Idaho and the Northwest are ready to be seen and heard girlfriends!  

As I shopped the halls of the WESA Denver Market over the weekend, I made a strong decision to up the game, to put us on the map, to raise the fashion bar.  We can do this, we will do this.

I know we've all said "I just don't know where I'd wear that too".  Come on admit it, you've said it. So let's just make a little pact and stop worrying about "if I can wear that", or "I don't think I can pull that off".  Get yourself out of that silly little box.  I'll give you the match if I have too.  Burn that box down!  Throw it in the burn barrel and don't look back.  Every single one of us deserves to look fancy, feel fancy and stand out, even if we are just grocery shopping. You can wear fringe to the grocery store.  There are no rules against that.  

The Frosted Cowgirls is turning up the notch.  We are bringing in new exciting, super fun, and fancy lines.  You will soon see designs by Rodeo Quincy, StS Ranchwear, Liberty Black boots, Miss Macy boots, Silverado (Ahh I'm dying over this), Cowgirl Justice, and so much more.  Like tons, and tons.  We really got our serious shopping on.  We will be exploding with those one of kind items, those statement pieces.  The accessories you plan your outfit around.  

It's happening.  The "frosting" is getting spiffy.  Let's do this.  Let's make our mark.  We will all be "frosted" with a whole bunch of sprinkles.

Your friend in fashion~

Cheers~  Rikki

January 18, 2017 — Rikki Ruiz
Cheers to YOU!

Cheers to YOU!

Rikki is the owner of The Frosted Cowgirls boutique.  Founded in 2010.
December 02, 2016 — Rikki Ruiz
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Hey Ladies- It's YOUR Night!

Hey Ladies- It's YOUR Night!

It's true!  Who doesn't need a night out every now and then?  Life is busy, we all have so much on our plates.  Full schedules, complete chaos, and responsibilities.  The hustle and bustle of having a job, being a mom, being a wife, being a business leader, an organizer, and cook, and so much more.  Let's face it, your over worked ladies!
I  know I'm guilty as charged.  I also know that in order to be more productive, happy, lovable, or a better mom and wife, I need outings with my friends.   I need laughs, jokes, stories, hugs, and maybe a couple drinks with those friends that believe in me, support me and challenge me.  
I challenge all of you to make time for girls nights.  Go shopping, go crafting, go dancing, go to dinner, go to a movie, go on a trip, go to the beach, take a trip to the mountain, go wine tasting, just go.
Get rid of any guilty feelings (babysitters, laundry, house cleaning, etc.)  and spend a few hours with  your girlfriends!  Life is just more fun when you have a posse of amazing gal pals in your corral.
With the busy holiday season coming, remember to schedule some "Ladies Night" time.  Relax and enjoy all your blessings!  
October 24, 2016 — Rikki Ruiz
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NFR Fashion Finder!

NFR Fashion Finder!

It's right around the corner!  The Western Industry's biggest fashion event (well in our opinion)!  The Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Vegas!  What are you going to wear?

It's huge!  NFR fashion is fun, it's unique, it's fashion forward, it's hats, boots, belts, jewelry...lots of jewelry.  It's everything and anything.  It's fashion at it's finest!

Every year I look forward to getting styled up and ready to hit the big city.  (With about 4 suitcases in tow).  It's the boots I'm telling you!  They take up lots of room.  :)

This year, I'm even more excited then ever before!  The Frosted Cowgirls is hosting a big NFR styling party featuring Jessie Jarvis (fashionista beauty)!  Jessie is a fashion blogger, who now works for The Boutique Hub.  Her style is amazing and she's the sweetest little ranchers wife ever!   If I were you, I'd plan on attending this event!  October 22nd in New Plymouth!  You will leave with outfit picks, style ideas and possibly a couple tickets to ride the biggest Ferris Wheel ever during  your stay in Vegas.  

Watch our Facebook and Instagram pages for style inspiration and then come join us on Saturday!

Let's all sparkle in Vegas this year!  

Lots of Love~


Definition of  a Frosted Cowgirl (in the words of my five year old daughter)-  "You have a cake and it's okay, good, but not delicious.  Then you add some frosting, maybe some sprinkles and boom!  It's so much better and so pretty.  It's the icing on cake"

"Frosting" Cowgirls since 2010.  

October 17, 2016 — Rikki Ruiz

A Fashionable First Day of School

Grab those pens, pencils and paper---Back to School we go!!

For our family, this is the beginning of the school adventure.  Our Raelee heads off to her first day of kindergarten and this momma's heart is breaking...like in a million pieces.  Why does time go so fast?  I swear I blinked.  I know you've all heard this a thousand times, "they are only little for awhile".  It's true friends, it's so true.  I'm having a hard time letting go.

Raelee on the other hand is beaming, she can hardly wait to start this journey.  I'm trying to act excited, really trying.  Tonight while heading into the "Open House"  I grabbed her hand to walk into the school, she said "Mom, you don't need to hold my hand".  What!!?  I couldn't hold back the tears, I'm still welling up just typing that.  

Ok so now that you all know how ridiculous I am, let's focus on some fun Back to School fashion.  If there's one thing I've passed onto my little ones, it's the love of fringe, bling, and anything fancy.  Together, Raelee and I, have laid out all our "Back to School" outfit options.  She has tried them on, modeled them and finally after much debate made her decision on what she will be wearing as she walks the halls on the first day of school (her poor Dad doesn't stand a chance).  


Raelee has chosen a Frosted Cowgirl favorite new arrival!  A bright pink aztec printed cardigan with fringe.  This comes as a set which includes a tank top and necklace.  She is going to wear this with black leggings and her new favorite sandals.  

School Styles are so fun and trendy right now.  Great Floral, aztec, and geometric patterns are must have's!  Of course fringe and faux suede will still be fall hits!

Good luck to all our fellow students!  Learn lots and have a great year at school!

Love~ Rikki


Rikki is the owner of The Frosted Cowgirls Boutique, located in New Plymouth, ID.  Founded in 2010.


What to Wear to Your County Fair!

What to Wear to Your County Fair!

I know everyone is wrapped up in the "Back to School" craze, school shopping and more, but hey, let's not cut summer short just yet!  

If you are like us, we are gearing up for our fun filled County Fair's!  We are headed back to our roots to the land of snowcone's, cotton candy, corndogs, animals in the barn, and laughter covering the fairgrounds.  

Both Cody and I grew up participating in the 4-H and FFA program.  We strongly agree these programs are what made us the hard working, agriculture business, farm owner cowboy and cowgirl we are today.  Like us, our little Raelee is so excited to be joining the rank as an actual 4-H Cloverbud next year.  We are pretty excited as well!

If you're like us and the fair wardrobe planning has begun, here are some ideas to get you going on our favorite fair looks!   If you're heading to the concert, rodeo, or show at the fair, here's your fashion guide:

*White Lace Romper- $30 

*Liberty Black Tall Boots- $295

*Charlie One Horse Fedora- $37 

*Cross Dangle Earrings- $12

This says "Country Chic" in so many ways!

Ooh and this fun look!  Throw on some jeans or cute shorts and add this graphic tee! "Not all who wander are lost".  Fun jewelry and wedges make this a complete "Night at the County Fair" look!

Tee- $24.99

Wedges- $49.99

 Enjoy  your trip to the local county fair!  Take in the last of the Summer fun and stay in style while  you're there!  

xoxo~ You're the Sweetest

Luv, Rikki


July 28, 2016 — Rikki Ruiz
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On the Road---Boutique on Wheels!~

On the Road---Boutique on Wheels!~

And we are off!  One of my favorite things about our business is all the places we go!  Our summer is jammed pack full of fun adventures!  With my crew (hubby, Raelee and Claycee) in tow we set out to a variety of rodeos!  Our August-September schedule is filling up fast!  

** August 3rd-6th -Gem County Fair Emmett, ID

**August 18th-20th- Gooding Pro Rodeo, Gooding, ID

** September 12th-17th- Pendleton Round-Up, Pendleton, OR


If you find yourself out at one of these events!  Please stop over and say HI!  People are the reason why we do what we do.  Meeting new friends, seeing old ones  it really makes life more special!  

Each event will have fun show specials! We are excited to see you all!  Let's Rodeo!!


Blessing and hugs~  Rikki



Stay tuned for our next blog-  "What to wear to the County fair"  xoxoxoxo

July 25, 2016 — Rikki Ruiz