-Our Story!



Welcome to the Frosted Cowgirls.  I’m Rikki Ruiz, the owner, buyer, styler, and designer behind our boutique.  Growing up in Idaho, my fashion style has always been over the top.  I loved all the big jewels, fancy clothes and trends of boho, western chic fashion.  After years of shopping and loving small boutiques I decided to start my own adventure. With the help and support of my Husband (who was my boyfriend at the time)  In 2010, we launched our Frosted Cowgirls Facebook page and loaded up plastic totes to take to small shows around our area.  I would set up at people’s houses, Christmas bazaars, and rodeo events.  We quickly began outgrowing our little home office for storage space and decided to purchase our 10 X 20 Enclosed trailer.  With a very small budget we fixed it up into a store and set out to add more shows to our traveling schedule.

In December of 2014, we moved into a larger home and built a store onto it. In 2015 we gave our enclosed trailer a big face lift and launch our website.  Each year we’ve added more shows and our business has continued to grow as well as our family.  Joining our team today is our two Frosted Cowgirls, Raelee (age 5) and Claycee (age 2).  They love being Frosted Cowgirls and love working and helping in our store.  They are becoming quite the little sales women.   

Along with or boutique, we also specialize in Custom hand shaped American Hats.  My husband, Cody owns “Cody’s Cowboy Hats” an affiliate of our boutique.  He is a well-known hat shaper who has perfected the art.  We are currently working on launching an additional website for our hat company, stay tuned for that greatness.

We offer trendy Western Chic fashion at affordable prices.  We stay up to date with the latest Texas Fashion trends and bring those to our local guys and gals.  We strive for creativeness.  We love buying from other small business entrepreneurs and featuring their amazing products in our store.  Building small local economy is an important component of our boutique

Our Mission and Purpose at the Frosted Cowgirls-

Love of Family and valuing the Western way is where our heart is.  We’ve been blessed to be raised with a lifestyle that admires hard work, courage, amazing people and a love for all things country and western. We stand true to the American Cowboy and the Country Chic, fashionable Cowgirl.

What we Mean and Stand by:

We want our customers to gain confidence in all areas. We want you to feel beautiful, flawless, determined and genuine.  We want you to give yourself a “sky is the limit” positive attitude and strive to reach big goals and dreams. We are a team of dreamers, doers, & achievers---living out a greater destiny.  We just don’t sale western fashion, we sale excellent customer service, bright smiles, a true love of all people and hope.  We are a lifestyle of people with greatness in their hearts and minds.  When you wear clothing or a cowboy hat from The Frosted Cowgirls/Cody’s Cowboy hats you’ll know that you meant so much to yourself and our family.  You are the reason we smile each and every day. Go climb in the saddle and ride fast friends!

  ~ Big Blessings and a Tip of our hat

Cody and Rikki Ruiz