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American Shorty 8200 3.5" brim

$ 150.00

American Hat Co. Shorty Straw hat.  Brim size- 3.5".  Custom shapes by Cody's Cowboy hats.  

Hat Shapes and styles:  Please add a note to your order on shape and if you'd like any customization.  We will email you with ribbon choices and feather choices.  


We have a variety of ribbon choices that we can change or add to the hat.  Customization starts at $30 as an additional charge.  For information on customizing, please email

Customization on hats will be invoiced after completion as an additional charge.  


Head Measurements= Hat size

21.5"- 67/8 . 21 7/8"- 7  22 1/4"- 71/8  22 5/8"- 71/4  23- 73/8