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Rikki's Makeup Product List

Rikki’s Makeup Products

I’m flattered and humbled that so many ask me about my makeup. I’ve never claimed to be a makeup artist or really actually know much about makeup, but I do love it. 


I rotate through lots of different products a lot and always love to try new things.  I have an Ipsy membership so I love getting those products and testing them out in a sample size before splurging for the big one. 

I have found a few staples though and will showcase them for you today.


My favorite is Jane Iredale - $55- I’m out of it right now because it can only be purchased by salons (to my knowledge)

But I also love Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation (this is what I’m using right now)  It’s a full coverage which I prefer. 

Tarte Amazonian Clay- $39

Tarte Smooth operator powder- $34


Maskara liquid bronzer- (follow @Jocelyn.mcclellan on instagram for all the info)


Maskara -  I love all the colors. (follow @Jocelyn.mcclellan on instagram for all the info)

Morphe Pallets-  I do have a few of these I like too.  Like I said, I’m always mixing things up.



Tarte- Shimma and Shake

Gigi Gorgeou- Extra


I usually switch this up a lot, depending on what comes in my makeup bag.  So far my all time favorite is Betty, followed by this Ulta brand Essence. 



Asha’s Ink Line by Red Aspen. www.redaspenlove.com/frosted. $20



NYX Tinted Brow (my go-to). I have had my brow’s Powder Browed tattooed so I just fill them in a little.



This changes by the day, sometimes by the hour :).

Right now I’m loving the L’oreal  Metallic in Liquid Venom, the Red Aspen Berry boutique, and for Valentines day I just grabbed the hot pink lip crayon from Ulta.



Red Aspen is life.  My favorites are the GIGI, the Miss, and the Rosie.  These range from $16-$23 and can be worn at least 15 times. 



There you have it.  My favorites.  Let me know if you end up giving them a try :)




January 21, 2020 — Rikki Ruiz

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