The Cowgirl is officially BACK!

The Cowgirl is BACK!

In August 2010 was the last time I paid my entry fees.   I was 17 weeks pregnant with Raelee and up until then, I lived to rodeo, rope and ride. 


Raelee was born and my love and passion for rodeo took a back seat.  I thought it’d just be for awhile and I’d be back in full swing, but that little while turned into years. 


Having an infant and a husband whose cattle hauling “schedule” didn’t really make roping an easy task.  I let it go.   I became a Mom and emerged myself into building our businesses. 


I would constantly tell Cody how much I was missing it and how I couldn’t wait to get back in the saddle, so in 2013 he had a custom saddle made for me and it was my Christmas present, but he didn’t know that I’d be 22 weeks pregnant with Claycee at Christmas that year.  I got to sit in the saddle on a horse for a few minutes.  I was too pregnant to really ride. 


Claycee came that Spring and I had a few complications.  My body didn’t bounce back and I struggled for several years.  I wasn’t in physical shape to actually ride a horse let alone rope on one.  I let it go again….  I had a brand new saddle sitting in the trailer and I didn’t ever use it. 


In 2018 when I finally started taking my health back, that passion ignited again. We bought Raelee a horse so I’d take her riding and every time it left me wanting to get back into it. I didn’t though, we were so busy focusing on building our businesses and opening a storefront that I didn’t make it a priority until now.  In January I added “find a rope horse” to my vision board.  I didn’t know how, if or when that would happen, but it was on there. 


I know what you focus on is what you create.  This week, after nine long years I came out of the box, on a quick little gray mare, swinging a rope.  The adrenaline, the rush, and the tears of joy came streaming.  We brought that horse home and made her apart of the Ruiz clan. 


I’m officially getting my “Cowgirl” back and I can’t stop smiling. 

Make your passions a priority.  It’ll filter into ever aspect of your life.

xoxoxo~ . Rikki  



I've always had a soft spot for gray mares....

BJ (circa 2008).  Her last run.

Missing her always








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