A Fashionable First Day of School

Grab those pens, pencils and paper---Back to School we go!!

For our family, this is the beginning of the school adventure.  Our Raelee heads off to her first day of kindergarten and this momma's heart is breaking...like in a million pieces.  Why does time go so fast?  I swear I blinked.  I know you've all heard this a thousand times, "they are only little for awhile".  It's true friends, it's so true.  I'm having a hard time letting go.

Raelee on the other hand is beaming, she can hardly wait to start this journey.  I'm trying to act excited, really trying.  Tonight while heading into the "Open House"  I grabbed her hand to walk into the school, she said "Mom, you don't need to hold my hand".  What!!?  I couldn't hold back the tears, I'm still welling up just typing that.  

Ok so now that you all know how ridiculous I am, let's focus on some fun Back to School fashion.  If there's one thing I've passed onto my little ones, it's the love of fringe, bling, and anything fancy.  Together, Raelee and I, have laid out all our "Back to School" outfit options.  She has tried them on, modeled them and finally after much debate made her decision on what she will be wearing as she walks the halls on the first day of school (her poor Dad doesn't stand a chance).  


Raelee has chosen a Frosted Cowgirl favorite new arrival!  A bright pink aztec printed cardigan with fringe.  This comes as a set which includes a tank top and necklace.  She is going to wear this with black leggings and her new favorite sandals.  

School Styles are so fun and trendy right now.  Great Floral, aztec, and geometric patterns are must have's!  Of course fringe and faux suede will still be fall hits!

Good luck to all our fellow students!  Learn lots and have a great year at school!

Love~ Rikki


Rikki is the owner of The Frosted Cowgirls Boutique, located in New Plymouth, ID.  Founded in 2010.


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