My Mommy Makeover Story-- the Boutique Boss tells all. (Week ONE)

Mommy Makeover


One Week Update


It’s been a week and I’m glad the worst is behind me.  I had read so much research about Mommy Makeovers for the last few years and knew the first week was bound to be a tough one.  I really didn’t tell very many people.  I was nervous and didn’t want to spill the beans and then back out.  I have two young daughters, and although they have watched their Mom exercise, choose healthier foods, and loose weight, I didn’t want them thinking I hated my body.  I have been careful to never complain about it or be negative about my body image.  The night before the surgery I told the girls I was going to have my stomach fixed up.  Raelee asked me why, and I told her because of having babies and loosing weight it needed fixed.  I have yet to tell them I also got me some boobs—- they’ll figure that out in time or they won’t.  :)


I had my surgery on January 4th, 2021 with Dr. Wigod in Meridian, ID.  I went to a consultation at his office back in August, then fully committed to doing the surgery in September.  I knew I needed to do it when we had a little down-time and the fourth quarter in a retail business has no down-time, therefore I opted for the first of the year.  In a true “New Year- New Me” fashion. 


On the morning of the surgery, Cody dropped me off and we were both very nervous and scared.  I had tears in my eyes as the nurse took me back.  Luckily they were all very sweet and had me prepped and ready for the operating room within 30 minutes so it was quick.  Note- (plan to be emotional and a crybaby.  I’m usually not, but this was scary and exciting.  I honesty couldn’t stop crying for at least 20 minutes). 


I looked at the clock at 8:12am and don’t remember much after that until I was awake around 5:30pm.  Cody was there then and I was pretty much out of it.  It’s a long surgery to do both breast augmentation and a tummy tuck in the same surgery. 


They had put pain medication through my IV so I wasn’t in very much pain at all at that moment and I did pretty well that night. 


I left the doctors office bandaged up and with one drain tube on the right side and the left the catheter in me to make my night easier.  They taught Cody how to change my drain tube, administer the medication and he learned how to take his first catheter out.  He has been the best nurse.  Maybe he missed his calling. Haha—- I think he wants to stick to shaping hats and hauling cattle.


Day one was a lot of sleeping and walking with a walker (which I highly recommend). My back hurt being hunched over so the walker has been very helpful.  With the heavy (7 hours of anesthesia) my body kinda forgot how to pee for a couple days.  It would seriously take me 10 minutes to pee. It’s like stage fright or something. 


The first 4 nights I slept in a zero gravity chair (I bought this on amazon) and it was very helpful as well.  On the 5th night my Mom actually brought me a lift recliner chair and that’s the best by far.  Cody says he wants to partner with the doctor on these lift chairs (Mr. Entrepreneur- his wheels are always turning).  The lift chairs were impossible to find or to rent, therefore my Mom made the 4-hour drive to our house to give us the one she had used during one of her surgeries.


On Day two I developed a burn where the lipo had been done.  This resulted in several large blisters and were very painful.  I was prescribed antibiotic ointment to treat the burns and a different abdominal binder and basically needed to be checked on about every day.  We are getting so good at the 40 minute drive to Meridian and back. 


For a few days,  I stayed on pain medication then went to only taking it at night.  The pain has been fairly manageable, just mostly an annoyance. I have felt like I did the Spartan race 10 times.  My body is sore and tired for sure. 



Down to the nitty gritty—-


I felt a little like Dolly (which I love Dolly), but my oh my.  My chest felt huge the first couple of days.  I got 450CC silicone under the muscle implants- moderate profile which my doctor said would be proportional to my body.  I had told him, I want people to question if I’ve had a boob job (except now that I’ve told my followers no need to question that now). :)  He assured me that there is A LOT of swelling for the first few weeks, so that is why I feel like Dolly Parton at the moment. 


Speaking of swelling (the Swell Hell). I have had several supporters write to me to NOT get caught up in that.  I’m swollen—- like really swollen.  It won’t stay like that forever so I’m not dwelling on the swelling (such a rhymer). 


The deets of prepping:

  • Buy a recliner or zero gravity chair
  • Pick up all your prescriptions ahead of time
  • Buy protein drinks ( I drink a Premier Protein shake each day- to help with healing)
  • Buy a few of your favorite water bottle brands (You will need to drink a crap load of water)
  • Get Miralax —- ( drink everyday or things get really shitty :) )
  • Buy one of those drain tube shower holders. — I didn’t and wish I had
  • Get a walker — or call me and you can use my new one :)
  • Buy big sweats…. That’s all you get to wear for a couple weeks. 
  • Eat healthy-  it helps with everything.
  • I bought Bromelain and Arnica Gel to help with muscle soreness and healing.  It’s only been a week so I really don’t know if it’s working yet.
  • Focus on healing.  Try not to get caught up in the day.  I have had a few emotional days where I felt like I wasn’t  doing anything.  I’m a very busy person so this has been a bit hard on me emotionally. 


Cheers to week one being in the books——  I’ll be giving a week two update as well.  I really hope this helps those of you who have been looking into these procedures.  I’m always happy to answer questions now that I’m in the heart of it. 


Love yourself—-


Rikki xoxo



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