June Cowgirl of the Month!

Yes it's already June!  Doesn't time fly?  It's officially Summer rodeo season.  We are all rolling down that rodeo trail, chasing tail lights, barrels, calves and dreams.  We hope your Summer is filled with amazing memories, lots of fun and a few trips to the pay window.

It's been so much fun interviewing our June Cowgirl of the Month and now it's time to reveal the winner!  Our June Frosted Cowgirl of the Month goes to a lifelong cowgirl,  Danielle Jennings!

We asked Danielle a few questions about being a Cowgirl;

1. How long have you been a cowgirl?

Well, my family had a ranch in Harney County, Oregon so I grew up moving cows, branding, driving feed truck and enjoying a cowgirl childhood.  I became a rodeo cowgirl when I was 12, on my first rodeo horse Foxy, and I have been HOOKED ever since! 

 2. You might have already told us, but just in case, Where did you grow up? Live? 

I was born in Burns, Oregon and graduated from Crane High School.  Crane is a super small town outside of Burns with basically a boarding school and store. I love the community and the people there and it will always be where I call home. My husband and I and our two boys now live in Ontario, Oregon and I love the people and rodeo/ranching community in this area, too.

3.What events do you compete in? 

Well, throughout my rodeo career I have competed in about every event!  (I even rode a cow one time to win the all around at a rodeo in Duck Valley!) (ha ha, that's so fun!) However, at this point in my life, I focus on breakaway roping and team roping.

4. How many rodeos do you enter (approx.) every year?

Oh my gosh, not as many as I used to! This year I will probably go to 20 -30 rodeos as well as quite a few team ropings.


5. What is your horse (s) name?

That is an interesting question...my main stick (Cindy) was retired last year and I am looking for her replacement. I am currently riding Carlos, who I adore and who I also share with my son Luke : )  He's super nice and I am really looking forward to a great year on him.


6. Why do you love the Cowgirl Lifestyle?

I love the cowgirl lifestyle because I love the people.  It is the community and acceptance and the love of the life we all share. We are all friends and like family even when competing. (Amen to that, it is a great community to be in)!


7. What’s your go-to fashion look outside the arena?

Well, my life outside the arena mirrors closely my life inside the arena, but comfort, style and versatility have to be the key component in my look. I tend toward a more classic style and am not super frilly when I do "dress up".  I definitely follow the Frosted Cowgirl new arrivals to keep up with what I should be trying!!! (we love that)


8. What kind of role model do you look up too?

I look up to women who are a support system for each other and who are trying to better themselves and their family. I really try to surround myself with people that motivate me to be my best inside and outside the arena and look up to people who are working toward goals and moving forward in all aspects of their life.


9. What are your future goals for competing?

The WPRA Columbia River Circuit is bringing some amazing opportunities into the world of breakaway roping. I recently competed in my first pro rodeo at Coulee City and it was just terrific. One of my main goals is to find success competing at the pro level in the breakaway roping.


10. What is your motto?

I’m not sure if I have an official motto. However I try to live by the saying “find the silver lining”.  Things are always going to happen, that is life, it is really about finding the good and the opportunity in all situations.



Now that you've gotten to know Danielle, make sure to congratulate her on being our Cowgirl of the Month!  We appreciate all those that have applied.  Entries are on-going so keep applying!


Danielle will win a Frosted Cowgirls Certificate, a shirt from our Competition Cowgirl line and be put in the drawing for a new 40X American Felt.  

It's truly an honor to recognize outstanding cowgirls!  Long live Cowgirls!  

Happy June!  Happy Rodeo Season!

xoxoxo~  Rikki 

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