Meet Rikki--- Frosted's Boutique Boss

Well hey there gal pals!  I'm Rikki and I'm the fun-having, White Claw drinking, "Cheez-it" lover, owner of the Frosted Cowgirls.  

I started this dream almost 10 years ago, with a few plastic totes of bling, a tiny little pickup and really big dreams.  

Now we are living it up, with our fun storefront (named Idaho's Storefront of the Year 2019 via The Boutique Hub), our two mobile trailers, and our amazing team of six employees.  

It's been a wild wild that I know I've been bucked off a few times.:).  Over the years I've always gotten back up and dusted myself off and kept pushing forward.  


My husband owns Cody's Cowboy hat's and his own Livestock trucking company. He's a busy, hard working guy who believes in me each and everyday.  I know how blessed I am to have such an amazing guy.  We have two adorable little cowgirls who steal the hearts of everyone.  They love to ride their horses, get dressed up and are already big fans of turquoise (the real kind).  

Our family business is my dreams coming true.  This boutique has opened so many doors for our family and helped me grow and inspire to be a leader.  

I'm so glad you've checked us out---  If you have Instagram follow us there (I share lots of fun stories daily).

Cheers to our friendship. xoxoxo

Love, Rikki 



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