September Cowgirl of the Month!

September is here!  For most people, they start dreaming of Pumpkin spice, but for us here at The Frosted Cowgirls, September means...Let'er Buck!  That's right, rodeo season isn't wrapping up just yet.  We have the big Pendleton Round up on the calendar.  You'll find us in all our glory right across from the Round-up grounds.  Be there, or you'll be sad.

Since we are still hot on the rodeo trail, let me introduce you to our September Cowgirl of the Month!  Meet our friend Dallas Callahan. Dallas lives in Lewiston, Idaho and is a tried and true cowgirl.   You will most likely find her at a barrel racing jackpot, or riding around at the training facility she resides at.  Dallas say's when she's horseback, she feels at home.  We couldn't agree more!  Take a look at our interview with Dallas! 


1.How long have you been a cowgirl?

 I have been a cowgirl my entire life. I have been on a horse since before I could walk, and have loved it since day one. 

2.    Where did you grow up? Live? Age?
I grew up on a farm near Lapwai, and we had cattle when I was younger. Now we just have horses. I am 23 now, and currently, live in Lewiston. The house I rent is owned by my horse trainer and is settled on his training ranch. 

3.    What events do you compete in?

I compete in barrel racing and pole bending. Barrels are definitely my favorite. I also do some horse shows; I did a ton of showing in AQHA and open shows when I was younger, but my goals are more focused on rodeo now. 

4.     How many rodeos do you enter (approx.) every year?

I enter at least 6 rodeos a year, and probably 15 4D barrel races. I am in the Central Idaho Rodeo Association. It is a fun organization; family friendly, affordable, and great for seasoning a horse.

5.      What is your horse (s) name?

I have three mares (can you say moody?), a blue roan named Lelo, a giant sorrel named Rita, and a bay named Poppy. Poppy has been my competition horse for the past 5 years, and I now share her with my younger sister. I'm hoping to get Lelo competing soon.

6.      Why do you love the Cowgirl Lifestyle?

The cowgirl lifestyle is extremely rewarding. Being around giant animals in the outdoors, caring for them and creating a partnership with them is very humbling. It gives me purpose, and I know it's where I belong. It's home.  

7.      What’s your go-to fashion look outside the arena?

 When it comes to fashion, I tend to go where ever the mood strikes. But my favorite things are denim and serape, and anything with a Southwestern style. I like to accessorize, and I think a well-placed accessory can take any look to the next level.

8.      What kind of role model do you look up too?

I look up to hardworking and responsible men and women. The best kind of role model is someone that's honest and respectful and takes pride in what they have and what they do.

9.      What are your future goals for competing?

My short-term future goals for competing include getting Lelo patterned on barrels and entered in her first barrel race. In the long-term, it's my dream to compete in the PRCA.

10.     What is your motto?

"The harder I work, the luckier I get." - Samuel Goldwyn


Congrats to Dallas!  We are excited to have her become our September Cowgirl of the Month!  Submissions are always ongoing so submit that application today.  Dallas wins a shirt from our Competition Cowgirl line, a gift certificate and will be entered into the drawing for an American 40X felt hat.



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