Week Two Recovery- Mommy Makeover

Week Two Updates: Rikki's Mommy Makeover 


I’ve officially made it out of the depths.  They say two weeks of Hell then things tend to get better.  I definitely believe that. 


Biggest news from my two week update is I ditched the drain tube!  Yay!  I had it for 14 days and was really ready to part ways.  I had been told by many that drain tube removal is super painful, but to my surprise it was easy.  I didn’t even know she had pulled it out.  My drain removal was virtually pain-free. 


. Last picture with my drain tube.


I am now off the heavy pain meds-  just taking Tylenol for pain.  I’m using the arnica gel religiously and taking arnica tablets.  I’m also taking turmeric and bromelian tablets.  All of those help with swelling, bruising, and muscle stiffness.   


Today I got cute leggings on, tall boots, and a cute flannel…I even wore lashes.  Safe to say I’m starting to feel  a lot more normal.


Now that I am two weeks post—


There is still a lot of swelling.  Especially on the sides.  In this picture you can see my scar.  It goes from hip to hip.  


I can shower myself (Cody was having to help me for the first week)

I can walk a lot more and stand for longer periods of time

I can cook dinners—- and I can sit at our kitchen table to eat it. 

 I developed burns on both hips.  The first week there were blisters covering these.  They are healing up better each day.  The bandage is where my drain tube was.  


Still recovering

I am definitely more tired than usual.  I know healing takes a lot of energy and I have found myself wore out a lot faster.  For example-  washing my hair, then drying and putting makeup on (Whoa- that’s a workout). 



I’ve been warned that the swelling can linger on— and it has.  My stomach is very swollen and bruised.  I’ve been putting antibiotic ointment on my scar and my burns that developed.  I’ve also stayed very hydrated to help the healing and water retention. 


Right now I’m wearing the compression garment 24/7, and wearing the compression Bra all the time as well.  Those help with healing and swelling.


Speaking of the chest area,  I thought that breast augmentation would be easier compared to the tummy tuck.  It may be that my tummy is still very numb, but the boobs hurt.  I’m muscle sore and it’s hard to move things, get dressed or even open the car door.  I still feel like I’ve done 1000 pushups.  Hopefully by week three that starts to feel better. 

I have been asked by several people why I did this? 


It wasn’t a decision I took lightly.  I have been wanting to do this for several years and have researched the pros and cons over and over.  In reality, I did this for me.  I did this because I wanted to.  I have worked hard at loosing weight and wanted to see more results than what exercise and diet could do. 


I hope you do something for yourself too, whatever that may be.  Do you- for you.

Thanks for following this journey.


Love yourself,

Rikki xoxox


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  • Tanya

    Love that you did this for yourself and that you are so honest about it!! You go girl🙌🏼

    Women supporting Women ♥️

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